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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Humming Bird

I am back from Canada. I was away for almost 7 days exactly. :) We left at 2:45am Monday morning, and we got back the following Monday at 3:10am or so. We had a pretty good time, but I am glad the driving part is over. Is a 14 hour drive, but somehow we always manage to waste 2 or 3 more hours getting gas, rest stops, and traffic/weather. There were no detours this time, so that was pretty nice.

One day we went to Ottawa, but we didnt do any sight seeing this time.

We also went to Brockville and I got some sail boat pics that I think will look good once I play around in photoshop a bit, perhaps even corel painter.

One day we went to Merricksville, and boy that town has changed a bit, well the tourists rather. Even the art work in the stores has changed a bit. Theres a new local artist thats getting attention around Canada, not sure about the States. Its pretty good, reminds me of Tim Burtons Corps Bride and nightmare before Christmas. Its not really my style of art, but shes got a lot of tallent. There was work from an artist from China, I believe his name was Zhu Zhu, and he has a very interesting technique using corel painter, I will have to get his books sometime. :)

And we went to Picton for a day. This is my first hummingbird shot ive attempted. I switched lenses to a better one, but the hummingbird woudlnt let me get another picture, go figure. :)

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