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Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 2, 2009 - Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles

Earlier this month, my wife and I went to a Baltimore Orioles game. My wife is a huge Boston Red Sox fan and this was her first MLB game. :)

I was not to sure how safe it would be to carry my dslr camera with me in Baltimore, so I left it at home, and brought a canon small point and shoot camera. But I wish I brought my good camera. :) Some people think you need a great camera to take great pictures, but that is not the truth. Its the person behind the camera. However a camera with manual options does make it easier. The small canon I brought with me does not allow you to choose your exposure settings, and in the shooting modes, there is nothing for sports or action. So half the time the camera chose a small aperature instead of a fast shutter speed, causing motion blur. Plus it only had 3x optical zoom. So I know next time to bring my good camera with me. :)

Here are a few pictures from this game.

Click on any image above to enlarge.

The red sox won the game, 18-10. There was a lot of hits to photograph, which was lucky. :) I was trying to get the ball as close to the batter as I could, preferably as its being hit or just after, which is not to easy considering how fast its being thrown.

One of my favorite things to photograph is action shots. The challenge of capturing something in motion, at the right moment.
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