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Monday, August 30, 2010

What ive been up to lately - 4 pictures attached

Once again, im sorry about not posting that much on here. Ive been keeping busy the last few weeks with some portraits and getting ready for some things in September!

Lets see what a few things are that I have been up to.

I have a wedding booked in September at E&H with the reception at the Martha Washington Inn, which I am very excited about. I met with the couple to wrap up the details and I am looking forward to photographing their wedding.

I purchased a new camera and lens for this wedding. My existing equipment would have sufficed, but I wanted something a lil more. My new Canon DSLR will do a better job with the low light of the indoor wedding, which is especially good since flash is not allowed. I purchased a new lens that will give me more freedom with the pictures a well, and is also great for low light. It was a bit of an investment but I wont have to switch between my F1.8 primes during the service and let me focus capturing the emotion of the people around me. Now I just need to buy some more hard drives because this thing eats through a 16gb memory card like nothing. :) Before my average portrait might be 500mb, now its closer to 3gb, before there is any edits!

Friends of us hired us to photograph their yearly family portrait in Lebanon, and that was a lot of fun, even though it was very warm that day. They have a couple very sweet and well behaved kids!

I photographed a cute lil 2 week old baby boy, J. The session went on for about an hour and a half and I got a ton of great shots. And a few funny facial expression ones!

Click here for a larger version

I photographed a family in Castlewood while two of the sons were home, they are both marines. They were fun to work with, even if one of them made me work at getting them to smile. :D All part of being a photographer. I got lots of great pictures out of this. One of which I plan to enter in a photography contest. :D

Click here for a larger version

I did my first waterfall portrait this weekend gone by, and that was alot of fun. It did take 15 min to drive to the parking lot, half an hour to hike to the falls, then another hour at the falls doing various portraits, then more pictures on the way back to the car. She looks very angelic in her white dress.

Click here for a larger version

Ive also purchased some new templates for birth announcement cards and for press printed books! Ive been busy plugging pictures from various portrait's into these and I really like how they look.

Click here for a larger version

Each book is custom designed. I consider the pictures to be used in the book, choose the background design, modify the colors of the background to suite the pictures on each page and finally customize each picture size ane location.

Possible book sizes are 5"x5", 5"x7", 8"x8", 8"x10", 10"x10" and can have between 5 and 30 pages per book. They can have leather covers, photo covers or material covers. Many options to choose from. There are many leather colors to choose from as well, and many material colors. The leather covers can even be stamped with 3 lines of text in gold or silver. This is not your ordinary photo album!

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