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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hayters Gap Waterfall

My wife and I love waterfalls, especially those that make you earn the view after a hike.

This waterfall at Hayters Gap doesn't require a hike, but you do have to scale down the side of it to get this view. And we believe the path to this has poison ivy or something that causes itching. :)

We tried to find this waterfall last year when my parents came down for a visit, but we were unable to find it, mostly because the direction we came from was different than usual. We tried it again last Sunday, we thought we either missed it again, or it had dried up. On our way to Abingdon, VA, we found it!!!! Except we were wearing our Church clothes, so we couldn't hike down to the good part. But we marked the GPS so we can find it next time we are better dressed. :D

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