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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hayters Gap Waterfall, Revisited - updated with new link

I had to go to Bristol for a dental appointment last Thursday, so on the way home we decided to try to go to the water fall again. This time we were prepared with appropriate clothing.

The way down to the waterfall from the road side isn't exactly safe, if you loose your footing, you will be rolling for a while and right into the stream. By the time we arrived at the falls it was getting a bit to dark, so I had to hurry and get the 20 or so pictures. I am always learning things, and this time I learned that we should bring a flashlight next time! And perhaps some rope, to get down more easily and safely. I want to go back in January when there is some snow. The way up and down to the falls should be particularly interesting with the added ice, but the pictures should be worth it. :)

Free wallpaper - currently only wide screen resolution

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Ive been busy getting some Christmas card designs ready to go. Eventually Ill take the time and create a regular screen size wallpaper of the above image, and post it on my site. :D

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