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Sunday, April 19, 2009

GPS - not always trustworthy

I purchased a GPS a couple of weeks ago to assist me in finding my customers addresses for portraits. Partly because this area is rather spread out and rural, and partly because I dont know Kingsport and Johnson City TN as well as I would like. I was testing the device out to get familiar with it today in and around Kingsport TN and on the way home we hit the detour button over in Gate City. The route it gave was very scenic. After a while the road turned into a gravel road, and became more and more narrow. Then all of a sudden, the road was under water. This isnt the first time Ive seen a road underwater, I can think of two other locations that have water over the road and are fun to drive over. But this was rather wide, and looked rather deep. We decided to turn around, except there was no room to turn around, we had to back out for a while. :) Looking back I wish I took some pictures of this. It was rather funny. : ) On the way out we did notice a sign that we missed on the way in saying the road was not recommended for normal motor vehicles. :)

This reminded me of a scene from The Office. :D

And on the way to our house, we seen a goat, standing on a cow that was laying down. This was to funny not to get a picture of, so we turned around and on the way back the goat was now kneeling on the cow. I will post a picture when I get the chance. :)
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